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English language proficiency for math, science, social studies

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Provide an example of how an English language proficiency (ELP) standard could be addressed within the instruction of each of the following content areas; math, science, and social studies.

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Rosalie Grant and H. Gary Cook (Relationships between Language Proficiency and Mathematics Achievement Report, November 2011) note that state note that mathematics tests are written tests which contain a combination of multiple choice and short answers items. Short answer items ask students to generate a short response to a question. The grade five to eight tests contain constructed response items for more complex items and required students to give a longer response. Preparing students with oral and written English practice in small groups and individual review for the tests, following the state standards would be a practical exercise.

An activity for grade three could nicely integrate English language by ...

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English language proficiency (ELP) standards for math, science, and social studies are discussed.