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    How to effectively integrate ELS into ESL classrooms

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    What should teachers do to assure the integration of English language proficiency standards into all content areas? Provide examples and support your response with research. (ESL Students)

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    Teachers can help ensure that ESL learners gain proficiency in language skills and master content knowledge by using integrated content and language instruction. This format enables ESL students to develop the capability to generate thoughtful and written discourse about concepts in a content area. This is accomplished by four principles that teachers' must adhere to, including Planning Clear Content and Language Outcomes, Providing Opportunities for Effective Interaction, Promoting the Development and Integration of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking, and Reviewing, Consolidating, and Assessing Progress. The following paragraphs will give examples to support this response derived from my research of the subject matter (Cal, 2012).

    1. Clear content and language outcomes are planned for each lesson.

    An example of a teacher establishing clear content and language outcomes for a ...

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    The effective and proven steps that have been used to integrate English language proficiency standards into all areas of content are discussed in this solution. Examples are provided as well as research that explains how teachers should use the strategies in their classroom.