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Educational trends

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Describe trends in various instructional settings and modalities that you expect to see in the next 10 years and explain your rationale for selecting these trends. The trends I decided to look at are:

1. Growing need for ESL instruction
2. Technology integration
3. Individual to social

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1. Within the next 10 years there will be a growing need for ESL instruction, especially in many large urban areas where there are commonly large influxes of immigrant groups settling throughout the United States. According to the National Center for Education Statistics," in recent years 27% of all schools with ESL teaching vacancies found them difficult or impossible to fill. As the number of children with difficulty speaking English has increased (from 1.25 million in 1979 to 2.44 in 1995)." This number is expected to triple within the next 10 years. This trend has only increased the burden on school districts to recruit teachers with the skills necessary to teach these classes. In order to meet the ESL job demand a number of special programs have been implemented in several states for non-certified teachers so that they may have opportunities to be trained in ESL instruction. Some programs offer teachers ESL endorsements for passing tests on ESL instruction. A more common form of ESL instruction is content-based ESL instruction used more increasingly in many schools throughout the United States. This is done normally by teachers with ESL certification who provide ESL instruction to students who need it inclusively with other students.
According to survey done by English Teaching Professional Magazine ,which recently published the results of a survey in over 100 countries on their opinions of the future of English language teaching 66% of teachers felt that within the next 10 years English would become more important as a global language in many parts of the world. Also 80% thought that the number of students needing this type of instruction would increase accordingly.
In many parts of the U.S. there has been an increased overall dissatisfaction with the pull-out method of teaching ESL students. This has led to the development of other ...

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This solution provides a description of trends in the instructional modalities of ESL instruction, technology integration and individual to social expected in the next ten years.

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