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    Current trends/ issues facing American Special Education

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    What are the fundamental concepts and philosophies that shaped special education in the United States?

    1. What litigation contributed to the structure of special education in the United States?

    2. What trends and issues are facing American special education today?

    3. Discuss the concepts, philosophies, legislation, and legal cases that shaped special education in the United States. Identify trends and issues special education is facing.

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    Between the 1960 and 1975 state legislators, federal courts and the U.S congress implemented strong educational rights for individuals with disabilities. Legislators passed laws mandating and/or funding various special education programs across 45 states. These laws guaranteed equal protection stemming form the fourteenth amendment of the US constitution and ruled that schools could not discriminate on the basis of a disability and that parents had rights related to their children's schooling.

    Various Acts to look up in the contribution of special ...

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    The expert examines the history and current trends/issues facing American Special Education.