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Venn diagram: Bilingual Instructional design

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Language Program Venn Diagram. There are three types of programs offered to ELLs: foreign language, bilingual, and ESL. Using a 3-circle Venn Diagram, compare/contrast these programs, and include the following:

· Language goal

· Consideration of culture

· Faculty/staff needs

· Materials and instructional techniques

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Language goal

FL: learners will be able to effectively read and write and speak English as the non-native language.

ESL: English as second language programs expect learners to learn English as an L2 or second language. Work books and activities are based on English learning curriculum, consisting of parallels between the L1 words and images and L2, so that learners can learn through association and on the basis of iconic familiarity of images of objects, as linked to their nouns as words.

Bilingual: English language programs which are based on a "bilingual" paradigm, like to equate learning of the new language side by side with the native language. In such programs, immersion is more of a strategy than focusing on just the new language to be learnt. In this respect, ...

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