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Venn Diagram From a Table

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The Wilcox fam is considering buying a dog. They have established several criteria for the family dog; It must be one of the breeds listed in the table, must not shed, must be less than 16 in tall, and must be good with children.

a.) Using the information in the table, construct a Venn diagram in which the universal set is the dogs listed. Indicate the set of dogs listed. Indicate the set of dogs to be placed in each region of the Venn diagram.

b.) From the Venn diagram constructed in part (a), determine which dogs will meet the criteria set by the Wilcox family. explain.

Breed sheds les than 16 in good w/ kids

Auredale no no no
Basset hound yes yes yes
Beagle yes yes yes
Border terrier no yes yes
Cairn terrier no yes no
Cocker spaniel yes yes yes
Collie yes no yes
Dachshund yes yes no
Poodle, miniature no yes no
Schnauzer, mini no yes no
Scottish terrier no yes no
Wirehaired fox terrier no yes no

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