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    Venn diagram for college courses

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    Please use a truth table for this one

    q arrow to p
    p arrow to r
    . . r arrow to q

    Use a Venn diagram for this one.

    A survey of 118 college students was due to find out what electives courses they were taking. Let A= set of those taking art, B = set of those taking basketweaving, and C = the set of those taking canoeing. The study revealed the following information.

    n(A) =45
    n(B) =55
    n(C) =40
    n(A intercept B intercept C) =2
    n(A intercept B) =12
    n( (A intercept C)=15
    n (B intercept C) =23

    How many students were not taking any of these electives?

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    This solution shows how to use a Venn diagram to determine how many elements are in each set.