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Venn Diagrams

I need help figuring out this concept of math:
1. Construct a Venn Diagram and answer the following questions.
In a survey of four year college students and universities it was found that
356 offered a liberal arts degree.
293 offered a computer engineering degree.
285 offered a nursing degree.
193 offered a liberal arts degree and a computer engineering degree.
200 offered a liberal arts degree and a nursing degree.
139 offered a computer engineering degree and a nursing degree.
68 offered a liberal arts degree, a computer degree, and nursing degree.
26 offered none of these degrees.

A) How many four-year colleges and universities were surveyed?
Of the four-year colleges and universities surveyed, how many offered
B) a liberal arts degree and a nursing degree, but not a computer engineering degree?
C) a computer engineering degree, but neither a liberal arts degree or a nursing degree?

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