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Solve: Sets and Venn Diagrams

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3. A survey of 10355 people restricted to those who were either female or Hispanic or over 16 years of age, produced the following data:

Female: 6022 Hispanic female: 2136
Hispanic: 3564 Over 16 and female: 959
Over 16: 4722 Over 16 and Hispanic: 1341
Hispanic female over 16: 239

Is the data consistent? If not, why?

4. The following Venn diagram (please view the attached file) illustrates the number of seniors (S), male students (M), and students on the dean's list (D) at a small private college. Describe each number.

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1. Use Venn diagrams to illustrate the following sets:
(a) A′ ∩ B

(b) (A′ ∩ B′) U C

(c) A ∩ (A U B)

(d) A U (A ∩ B)

(e) (A U B) ∩ (A U C)

2. Use Venn diagrams to ...

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