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    Sets and Venn diagrams

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    Let U = { all soda pops}, Let A ={ all diet soda pops} B={ all cola soda pops},
    C= { all soda cola pops in cans}, D = all caffeine -free soda pops}. Describe the sets in words.

    a.(A intersect B) intersect C'

    b. (A u D) intersect C'

    c.(A' intersect B')u C

    d. (A-D) intersect B

    e. (B intersect C') u (C intersect B')

    Solve the formula for the specified variable.

    1. A=1/2h(a+b) for b

    2.Solve the linear equation.

    Solve the equation.
    x+9 47 x-2
    ____ =_____ -______
    3 15 5

    x -2x 2x-3
    2x+2 4x+4 x+1

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