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    Drawing a Venn Diagram

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    Use the information provided:


    and use a venn diagram to determine wheather (A U B') U C= (A' U B) U C' for all sets A, B, and C. Show your work.

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    Venn diagram
    Use the information provided

    and use a Venn diagram to determine whether for all sets A, B, and C. Show your works.

    First, let us draw a Venn diagram containing sets A, B, C, and the universal set U as follows.

    Next, consider each set and its compliment. For a better understanding, we will use colors to identify each set and its compliments in the Venn diagram.

    Consider set A. The set A (containing 1, 10, and 15) is the blue rectangular blocks shown below.

    Figure 1 Venn diagram with set A shown by the blue rectangular blocks

    Its compliment, , can be easily seen as the rectangular blocks, which contain the numbers other than 1, 10, and 15. The diagram of is illustrated below.

    Figure 2 Venn diagram with the ...

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