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    Sets and Venn Diagrams for Pet Ownership

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    1. Mrs Bollo's second grade class of thirty student conducted a pet ownership survey . Results of the survey indicate that eight students own a cat, 15 students own a dog, and 5 students own both a cat and a dog, How many of the students surveyed own only a cat?

    2. Please use a venn diagram to answer the questions?
    At east Zone University , there were 551 students taking college algebra or calculus. 210 are taking college algebra, 389 are taking calculus, and 48 are taking both college algebra and calculus. How many are taking calculus but not algebra?
    3. At a local television station sends out a questionare to determine if viewers would rather see a documentary, an interview show, or reruns of a game show . There were 650 resoponses with the following results:

    195 were interested in an interview show an a documentary, but not reruns;
    26 were interested in an interview show and reruns, but not a documentary;
    91 were interested in reruns but not documentaries or interviews;
    156 were interested in an interview show but not a documentary;
    65 were interested in a documentary and reruns;
    39 were interested in an interview show and reruns;
    52 were interested in none of the three;
    how many are interested in exactly one kind of show?

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