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    SIOP research

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    Describe the SIOP model and includes example strategies and activities for each component listed below. Address the eight components of SIOP by providing examples of ideas and strategies:

    Preparation - content-area standards, English Language Proficiency standards, content objective, language objective
    Building Background - activities for linking
    Comprehensible Input - instructional strategies that make content comprehensible
    Strategies - learning strategies appropriate to a lesson's objectives
    Interaction - activities that promote interaction with content and language
    Practice and Application - activities to enhance learning through hands on practice
    Lesson Delivery - pacing, engagement, aligning activities with standards and objectives
    Review and Assessment - techniques for reviewing key concepts and assessment techniques for before, during, and after the lesson.

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    Slide 1: Title

    Slide 2: Overview of SIOP Model

    One source offers a concrete summation of what the model entails:

    Short, D. (2013). Training and Sustaining Effective Teachers of Sheltered Instruction. Theory Into Practice, 52(2), 118-127.

    The author reveals that it is a methodology "...that incorporates techniques for making content accessible to English learners and develops students' academic English skills" (118). Specifically, the author insists that it has been validated through 15 years of research (119). When teachers implement the model to a high degree, student achievement rises in English language proficiency (120). Overall, it offers "...a system that incorporates best practices for teaching academic English and provides teachers with a coherent method
    for improving the achievement of their students" (120).

    Slide 3: Definition/description:

    PASCOPELLA, A. (2011). Successful Strategies for English Language Learners. District Administration, 47(2), 29-44.

    The author summarizes how the acronym SIOP represents "Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol" (32). SIOP exemplifies "...a popular, research-based and validated model of sheltered instruction that many districts use" (32). It strives to makes academic instruction in English understandable and accessible to all ELL students. "In the sheltered classroom, teachers use physical activities, visual aids
    and the environment to teach vocabulary for concept development in mathematics, science, social studies and other ...

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    This posting briefly offers some insights about the SIOP model. Using 4 APA references, it includes some example strategies and activities for each component to guide students.