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An English SIOP lesson plan (Grade 7)

Can someone help me to create an SIOP lesson plan that is an orginal (which means not one from a website or book)for 7th graders in an English Class? The lesson plan must include an assessment tool, consistent with the SIOP model. Possible tools can be: observation checklist, rubrics, and self-assessments.

Please use the pre-prepared template with headings of all components needed for the Unit of instruction (down below).


Target Population
English Language Standards
Management Strategies
Key Vocabulary
Proposed SIOP lesson plans/Main Lesson

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7th Grade English Lesson Plan on Figurative Language

Prior Knowledge of "Mosaic Poem" recommended for this lesson.

Content Objective: Students will identify and formulate literal and figurative descriptions of familiar objects.
Language Objectives:
Speaking and Listening: Students will work in small groups to develop figurative descriptions of familiar objects.
Reading: Students will read and interpret a poem.
Writing: Students will write sentences using figurative language to describe familiar objects.

Materials: Copies of the poem "Passing Love" by Langston Hughes, Copies of T-chart labeled with the words "Literal and Figurative", Blank sheets of paper cut into strips , 20 common household and classroom objects (shell, staple remover, straw, etc.) and 1 marker per group.

Motivation: With partners students ...

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The following solution contains an English lesson plan suitable for a 7th grade class which is consistent with the SIOP model. The lesson has students reading and interpreting a Langston Hughes poem , and working in groups to use figurative language to write sentences describing familar objects. An observation checklist consistent with the SIOP model was also used for this lesson as an assessment tool.