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    Summary of the SIOP Model for Teaching ELL/ESL

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    I need to create a lesson plan for the **ATTACHED** chapter.

    Can someone help me to create a summary of the chapter so that I can create questions to go along with the summary and chapter itself?

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    I was so happy when I saw this posting come up. I used to be a classroom teacher with a sheltered class. Now I am an ESL Teacher trained in SIOP, and I actually just led a 1/2 day seminar on SIOP for my school district. I will attach a summary of this chapter for you, and that should help you create a lesson plan. I'm thinking your class must've done a jigsaw with this assignment, where you each had to read a chapter and teach it to the class. Is this correct?

    I am pasting the summary you asked for (it's down below). I hope that this is sufficient. Please let me know if you need further information.

    I'm also going to give you some of my personal background. I started learning SIOP eight years ago when I taught 34 6th graders in a large elementary school in a poor area near Chicago. All of my students were Hispanic, fourteen of them had been in the country less than two years, and not one of them read above a third grade level. I also had eight children who read at the pre-primer level (lower than kindergarten). They all lived far below the poverty line, and most of them didn't have parents who spoke any English. Therefore, they didn't do any homework at all. I signed up for graduate courses so that I would know what to do with my ELL students. I didn't want to dumb down the curriculum, because I knew my kids were smart and capable. They just didn't ...

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    This is an explanation of the SIOP Model, which is a method of teaching English Language Learners in the regular classsroom. I've given a brief overview and explanation of the first chapter (four paragraphs).