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    SIOP lesson plan model outline

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    I need a lesson plan and outline based on the SIOP.
    The topic that I chose is "fish and its charactersistics" and subject is reading. The book I chose is "whats it like to be a fish" by Wendy Pfeffer.

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    SIOP, or Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol, is explained at the following Web site: http://soe.unc.edu/news_events/news/2009/090917_esl_workshop/4_Overview_of_SIOP_model_Thrower.pdf

    The book you have chosen is a current book that is under copyright, and the full text of this book is not available on the Internet. However, reviews of this book, with comments about its content, are available at the author's own site: http://www.author-illustr-source.com/wendypfeffer.htm.

    Your posting makes reference to an outline and a lesson plan. Page two of the SIOP Web site listed above contains an excellent planning worksheet that you can use to create lesson plans using the SIOP protocol.

    I suggest that you use this worksheet from the abovelisted Web site to plan out your lesson, using the selected book, and spell out the activities you plan from the book, and activities related to the book, under each category from the worksheet that you choose to use. You do not have to use EACH item under each sub-heading. for instance, under Lesson Preparation, you will need to complete activities 1, 2 and 4. The ...

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    Web-based reference for SIOP, Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol, lesson plan outline, and what to include on the lesson plan that follows this format, with citations. Lesson is literature-based, and cited.