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    SIOP® Model -Discussion with Administrators

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    What new topics will you expect to discuss with administrators who are implementing the SIOP® Model for teacher evaluation? What steps will you take in order to prepare for the evaluation process as a classroom teacher?

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    Any new evaluation method brings trepidation and concern among classroom teachers. As a teacher working with an administrator who intends to utilize the SIOP model, I would ask the following questions prior to any evaluation being conducted.

    - Who uses the SIOP Model? How do they use it?
    - In what type of instructional settings can SIOP be used?
    - How is the SIOP Model different from just good teaching?
    - Is it possible to consider and incorporate all 30 features of SIOP when designing each lesson?
    - ...

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    This solution discusses the SIOP Model, a model for classroom instruction. It addresses topics that teachers should be prepared to discuss with administrators while the SIOP Model is being implemented, and the steps that teachers can take to prepare themselves for the evaluation process.