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Human Resources - Selection and Retention

Locate a resource that discusses the topic of employee competency or competency-based human resources approaches. Next, using your research skills, locate an article or paper regarding the use of testing in the workplace for both selection and retention. Include your article with your post to share with others.

After reading the resources on testing and competency, post your thoughts on the use and accuracy of competency assessment in hiring and staffing. Share any personal experiences you may have had when testing was used in a hiring situation for either yourself or someone you know. Be sure to discuss the positive and negative aspects of competency identification and test interpretation. Remember to cite your supporting sources and include a reference list.

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The use and accuracy of competency assessments in hiring and staffing is predicated upon many different variables that may or may not be able to be controlled by the employer. First and foremost you, the student, must realize that there are many different competency tests available for different skills or traits specific to what the employer needs or wants in an employee. Some of the most common types of competency testing are job-knowledge tests, personality tests, integrity tests, cognitive ability tests, and biography data testing. These can all be done at an assessment center if the business is willing to invest the large amount of time and personnel necessary to conduct all of these different tests at once.

These tests all have flaws as some can be in potential violation of the Supreme Court against job discrimination if biased against certain demographics. Nevertheless, I would back the accuracy of some of these assessment tests, ...

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Discusses employee competency and competency-based human resources approaches.