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    Recruiting Employees

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    I am studying recruitment of an employee and have decided to focus on hiring a Chief Operating Officer. Can you help me identify what environmental factors both internal and external that would impact the recruitment, selection and retention of the positon? Also how would I set the organization apart from others to attract the best candidates?

    What type of candidate would be the best to target and why?

    What type of selection processes should I use and why? What should I look for on a resume?

    Is it a good idea to do a background check? What type should I do?

    Should I do pre-employment testing? Why or why not?

    Thanks for your help with this. I haven't worked much in the white collar area of a business so am learning this fresh.

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    Impact of Internal and External Factors
    Chief Operating Officer is the person who is responsible for the daily operation of the company. There are some internal and external factors that affect the recruitment, selection and retention of Chief Operating Officer. Some of the external factors are availability of human resource, labor market conditions, goodwill of the company, competitors and unemployment rate (Coffey & Gendron, 2007). On the other hand, some of the internal factors are personnel utilization, recruitment policy, size of organization and type of job. On the basis of both these factors, organizations make recruitment and selection of employees in an effective manner.
    Apart from this, an organization can select the best candidates by focusing towards developing the competitive advantage. It is identified that companies should conduct marketing of its overall working environment. Moreover, efficient facilities to the employees will be helpful in attracting and retaining the best candidates among the talent pool of people. In addition to this, company should also provide justified remuneration to the employees for their performance and rewards should be given for the best performance (Sims, 2007). These strategies will be effective in making the sound image of the company and ...

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    The recruiting employees are examined. The types of candidates which would best be targeted is determined.