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External Recruiting

In at least 200 words explain the advantages and disadvantages of external recruiting of new managers for an organization. Which one is generally better and why?

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Update to posting: For starters, you can restrict OTAs from answering when you make a posting. I cannot remove my answer from your postings after the fact. Secondly, I get the strong feeling you really don't want to do any of your own work. This particular posting looks at internal recruiting. Whats an advantage for internal recruiting, is a disadvantage for external recruiting. And vice versa. These things are all related. Since you stated you don't understand this, I will go into some detail on the followup, as I am required to do.

Disadvantages of External Recruiting:

Recruiting Costs: It takes longer to recruit externally, and it costs more. Candidates must be found and evaluated, whereas in internal recruiting all that has already happened.

Destroys the incentive for current employees of promotion

The new candidate may be unfamiliar with current company practices, culture, etc.

Advantages of External Recruiting:

Brings in ...

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