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The Benefits of Internal Recruitment

Internal Recruitment

Some argue that it is better to develop your own organizational leadership internally than to hire it externally.

1- What reasons would they use to support their conclusion?

2-Would that strategy be appropriate for all organizations? Why or why not?

We can talk about internal recruiting from a personal perspective. I'll bet if you've ever been turned down for a job that was filled by an external candidate, you have an opinion about internal recruiting. This is a serious discussion because of the impact that internal recruiting has on the morale of the organization, the sustained knowledge base of the company, etc.

3- Why hire people if they are permanently stuck in the job they were first hired to do?

4- How can we maximize the talent we have in the company? And, what are the cost implications of all this?

Second discussion:

External Recruitment:

In designing the communication message to be used in external recruiting,
5- what kinds of information should be included and why?
6-Can anyone share an example of a good communication message? A bad one?

Here is where we roll the dice more than with internal recruiting. There used to be an old saying, "you don't know if you hired the right person until about three years after they start working for the organization."

7-Are we attracting good candidates or people?

8-who are good at interviewing and creating resumes or using social networking to find a job? It's more than getting the right message out--the job posting--we have also considered the modality for delivering that message.

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1. One of the main reasons that it may be better to develop your organizational leadership internally rather to hire from external sources, is the fact that individuals that are presently working within the organization have a firm grasp on the daily operating procedures of the organization, and subsequently have more experience in working within the ramifications of a given organization that an external hire would. In addition to the knowledge that an individual presently working with the organization would already have, it would be much easier to promote and train an individual that has experience and a working knowledge of the organizational paradigm, and he or she would have a firm grasp on the changes that may need to be implemented, and the best methodology to use by which to implement these changes if they are placed in a leadership position.

2. The strategy of internal recruiting would not be the best strategy for each and every organization, due to the fact that some organizations would benefit from fresh ideas and perspectives from individuals that are hired from external sources. An individual that is observing an organization from the outside, can sometimes see more clearly what changes need to be implemented, in addition these individuals would not be hindered by the psychological tendency to maintain the status quo, due to years of ...