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    Comparison of Human Resources Policies

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    Please describe similarities and differences in hiring, recruiting, compensation, application processes, reasons for termination etc of two similar organizations.

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    Comparison Analysis of HRM in Wal-Mart and Target:
    Since 2013, Wal-Mart has commenced hiring temporary workers at many of its US stores outside the holiday shopping season in large numbers. The combination of hiring at Wal-Mart is a combination of regular, full, and part-time workers. Wal-Mart also uses an internal recruitment process. The internal recruitment is done from current employees, trainees, and transfers (1). The internal recruitment process is used for supervisory and managerial positions. Wal-Mart also uses on-the-job trainees as an internal recruitment source. The trainees are recruited mainly in sales and marketing.

    The application process commences at Wal-Mart when it gives job-advertisements, conducts campus interviews, and reviews previous applicants. The application process commences at Wal-Mart when requirements are placed on the company's website(2). The website is the main human resource management portal for this recruitment services. Further, Wal-Mart has stressed the need for on-campus recruitment.

    Target Corporation also focuses on efficiencies. For its in-store position, applicants come in, take and online personality test and are interviewed by two other employees. The applicant takes a drug test and is given a conditional job offer pending a background check. Target uses behavioral interviewing. It carries out a personality assessment with emphasis on behavior. For higher paid jobs there are up to five interviews with a ...

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