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Taglewood case: Workforce management

Please find the attached case with instuctions for answering the questions at the end of the case study.
Attached is Appendix B, and the Exhibit 5.3 that will help in answering the questions. Also the teachers instruction is attached.


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Recruitment Guide for Tanglewood
Positions: Store Associates, Retail Department
Reports to: Director Tanglewood
Qualification: School or College graduates
Experience in retail 0-1 year
Strong interpersonal skills
Relevant labor market: Washington & Oregon
Timeline: No timeline as it is continuous process within the organization.

Activities to undertake to source qualified candidates:
? Regional newspaper and television advertising
? Request employee referrals
? Facilitate kiosks for candidate data
? Ask state job services to find new applicants
? Contact with staffing agencies

Staff members involved:
? HR Recruiting Manager
? Director, Tanglewood from all regions
? Store managers
? VP Human Resource
? Potential peers and direct reports

Budget: $2500 to $4500 per hire

Open and Targeted Methods of Recruiting
There are several methods of recruiting, which can be used to recruit the vacant position in an organization. The open and targeted recruiting methods are the important methods, which are used for the recruitment process within the organization.

Targets of the Tanglewood -
After considering the job and organization context the best targets of the Tanglewood are the job seekers and relative of the employees. It is because; the different divisions of the company use the medial and employee referral for recruiting process. The best target for the company would be school and college graduates as after completing their study they seek for a good job. The position of store associates would be helpful to accomplish their job requirement in an effective manner. The college or school graduates would also be beneficial for the organization as per its job requirements as college graduates would easily understand the culture of the Tanglewood, which would cause an increase in the customer service effectiveness of the business (Tanglewood, 2010).

Methods of recruiting -
The different divisions of Tanglewood use different types of the recruiting methods in order to enhance the recruiting efforts of the organization. Following are the methods of recruiting, which are used in Tanglewood -

1. Media - This is the most traditional method, which is used by Tanglewood. It can be explained as the open method of recruiting. It is because; the media advertising uses various sources such as print, radio and television advertising sources. The advertising from these sources are open for all the people, who wants to join a company (Marchington & Wilkinson, 2005). Through this source of recruiting Tanglewood may find a number of applicants for the position of store associates.
2. Referrals - Referrals method seems more targeted source for the recruiting efforts of the Tanglewood. It is because; employees know the actual requirement of the business to handle the position of store associates and they provide references according to the job and organization context. From this method, management of Tanglewood mainly targets the people, who have experience in the retail industry or have some capabilities to perform well in retail industry. But at the same time it is also open method as sometimes employees gives referrals to earn money, which are received for each hire.
3. Kiosk - It is also the open source of recruitment as every potential applicant can apply for the job. The kiosk gives all the information to the candidates about the job and the candidate, who meets the requirement, may apply for the job.
4. State job services - This method seems more targeted as the services required a set of qualifications, which are essential for the job. The employment services to the company are provided on the basis of these qualifications after finding capable candidates. Through this ...