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    Paper on Diversity in Organizations

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    Imagine, if you will, that you are the CEO for a U.S. technology company that has agreed to enter a joint venture with a successful technology company in India. The venture will involve creation of cross-cultural, cross-functional teams comprised of American and Indian workers in order to generate innovative IT solutions that could serve both the U.S. and India markets.

    Please provide assistance in:
    Designing a Diversity Management Plan for the American CEO and her Company in 4-6 pages (cover is not necessary but appreciated) with the following:

    1. Introductory Analysis in which you succinctly address (2-3 pp.):
    • Keys to successful diversity management, and
    • Diversity challenges and opportunities related to entering the India market and to developing the U.S.-India teams (please also consider the first note below regarding the many ways to view diversity).
    2. Basic elements of your plan, rationale for each element, and how each element addresses the diversity challenges that you have identified (2-3 pp.). Elements of your plan should address vital HR needs including:
    • Recruiting, selection, and orientation
    • Training and development
    • Any other human resource management topics that are crucial to the success of the U.S. company entering into this joint venture with the India technology company.
    • Remember that most of the diversity issues that you read about discuss racial/ethnic/gender components. Of course, there are many ways to view diversity, including the diversity of ideas or perspectives in a more general way. For example, there may be individuals working in a group who, regardless of their demographic differences, have religious, political, philosophical, and/or socio-economic differences regarding how they make decisions, how they organize their work or how they communicate with and relate to others.
    • Draw upon other sources in the background materials to guide your work, and reference any sources that you use in your work (at least FIVE in this case, please).
    • Use headings and subheadings to clearly show the structure of your analysis.

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    Diversity means variety or a wide range of variations in the society, culture, religious, organization etc. It is a term of different variety and characteristics, personality, perceptions, human nature, organism (Mor-Barak, 2005). Due to the cross culture traditions and variety in the perception of humans, diversity develops some kind of difference among people from the different countries. Cultural differences take place among people due to the differences in the language, traditions, dresses, values, ethics, beliefs, behavior of society, gender preference etc. (Ashkanasy, 2001). Changes and varieties are good for the development of the society but if the diversity creates discrimination and bias, then it would be harmful for both development of the society and an individual (Bate, Khan & Pye, 2000).
    If an organization plans to expand its business at an international level, many important things need to be considered. Managing the workforce diversity is an important thing, which the organization should efficiently manage (Alkhafaji, 1994). Due to the cultural differences, the organizations in both India and United States of America are very much concerned about the diversity management. This joint venture between the US organization and Indian organization leads a cross culture environment in the organization. In order to manage the cross cultural diversity in the cross functional teams requires a mutual understanding and cooperation (Chen, Czerwinski & Macredie, 2000).

    These teams will lead to innovative technologies and ideas but the companies should properly manage the diversities. The companies can follow several ways to avoid any kind of diversity issues (Ashkanasy, 2001). The organizations should develop an environment of cultural awareness and integrity among the working population (Mor-Barak, 2005). To cater to the needs and requirements of a globally based diverse workforce, is a great challenge. If an organization successfully manages its workforce with diverse characteristics, it can achieve high productivity and efficiency (Wall & Rees, 2004).

    Key to Diversity Management

    In order to manage the issues related to diversity, there are various ways and keys. In order to manage diversity in the organizations, the management should implement separate strategies. The management should devote time and resources to develop a formal procedure, which comprises law and rules and regulations of the company to work in the diversified environment (Alkhafaji, 1994).

    The management should also implement some training and development programs to guide the employees and cope up with the diversified environment of business. A positive work environment should be created. The personal and professional development should be promoted in the organization. All the employees should be empowered to utilize their full potential. Such barriers that obstruct the progress of the organization should be removed (Bate, Khan & Pye, 2000).

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