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    Budget Plan for PR Campaign

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    The company employees 550 people
    Annual earnings are $46 M
    Revenues os $1 Billion a year.

    Budget Plan for PR Campaign
    I need help in writing about 400 words on a "Budget " for the following outline. We have most of the body of the paper, but I do not know what all goes into a budget so I need some help about writing about a budget for this process. This is a new department in a virtual company. Please be thurough and supply links to reference if possible. It doesn't have to be extravagant.

    This is what our main points were in the paper. Please use the outline below as a guide for the budget.

    Subject ::
    An organization wants to position itself as a leader in embracing diversity in the workplace.

    ? Commitment to a diverse workplace.

    ? Commitment to embracing diversity.

    ? PR campaign launched to communicate diversity commitment.

    PR Issues Identification Progress
    ? New diversity office created for employees and managers

    ? Monthly workplace diversity reinforcement meetings

    ? Conducted group diversity interviews

    ? 24/7 diversity hotline implemented

    ? Surveyed departments concerning diversity

    Target Audiences
    ? Primary Audience: Employees

    ? Secondary Audience: Stockholders & 3rd Party Endorsers

    ? Tertiary Audience: Special Publics

    Ethical Implication ID Progress

    ? PR ethics are critical

    ? PR perceived as less than respectable

    ? PR professionals considered manipulators

    ? PR falls short of the code too often

    Market Research Plan Development

    ? Questionnaires were developed, distributed and

    ? Eye cameras were procured, installed, and

    ? Feedback has been received and analyzed

    Marketing Function Analysis Effect

    ? Seeking leadership in workplace diversity within Riordan's industry

    ? Objectives:
    ? Increase awareness
    ? Improve diverse working network
    ? Focus on new process & capabilities

    Objective Identification Progress

    ? Set clear outcomes to be attained

    ? Goals & Objectives are: ? Specific
    ? Attainable
    ? Achievable
    ? Measurable

    ? Objectives set in terms of intended outputs

    Press Release
    ? New diversity office implementation

    ? Determined to surpass competitors

    ? Sustainable growth strategic approach

    Tactical Plan
    ? Event Planning

    ? Press Conference

    ? Corporate Newsletter Addition

    ? Internet/Intranet

    ? Increased Company Employee Awareness

    ? Created a diversity initiative business case

    ? Developed an in-house diversity resource center

    ? Brand Recognition through sponsorship

    ? Spokesperson(s)

    Business Implications

    ? Main objective was successful.

    ? Hype and revenues are increasing.

    ? The company's reputation as improved.

    ? Employees' perspectives have been amplified.


    ? Create an environment for global teamwork

    ? Attractive to investors, customers, & employees

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    THe following should be covered in budget:
    PR must take care of the aspects related to the society and community affected by the organization such as community relations, employee relations, consumer relations, financial and investor relations, governmental relations, public affairs and lobbying, fund raising and membership development.
    Organizations have relationships--within their "family" of employees and with communities, governments, consumers, investors, and the media. They are the stakeholders which make up the environment of an organization. These publics can support or oppose the goals of an organization. They also want organizations to pursue goals that are important to them but not necessarily to the organization--such as jobs for workers, safe products, less pollution, and a safe community. Publics have a stake in organizations, and they attempt to influence the missions and goals of these organizations.
    Organizations are effective, therefore, when they choose and achieve goals that ...

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