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short press release

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Martha Stewart is your client. It has just been made public that she sold shares of her IMClone stock with possible insider trading information. She is going to be charged and possibly face time in prison. Her own stock is sliding. What would you do?

List objectives for the PR Campaign
Define the publics
What is the crisis plan?
Identify potential benefits and risks

Write a short press release

There is no word minimum per se, but make sure your campaign outline and release are long enough to do the assignment justice and give texture to your recommendations. You should expand any key ideas or points to demonstrate a thorough understanding of PR. Use examples to illustrate your points, do not just list your answer.

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List objectives for the PR Campaign
One objective is to minimize the damage done to the brand Martha Stewart due to the court verdict.
Another objective is to manage effectively the crisis that has occurred. Moreover, the PR company should have the objective of generating support for Martha and present her as a normal person. A human being. The PR campaign should aim at not only maintaining the image of Stewart but also protect the image of MSLO and ensure that the company does not lose Brand Equity because of the crisis. There should be timely updates from Stewart's legal perspective. The public relations should also present Martha more as a martyr instead of a criminal. The PR objective should also be to present statistics that show that Martha is an upright person and has wide public support. An objective of the PR should also be to distance Martha from the company so that her company does not suffer because of her indictment.

Define the publics
The first public that the PR Company should target is the present customers of MSLO. They have to be persuaded to continue purchasing her products. The second public that the PR Company should target is the media. The press should present Martha in a favorable light. They should portray her as a victim rather than ...

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