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Leadership Challenge in Functional Leadership

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What are the difficulties of becoming an excellent leader of a global enterprise. Incorporate what shaping forces in the international business environment bring about the main challenges to achieving this level of expertise in leadership.

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Ajarimah (2001) "leaders can design systems that can lift the performance of their followers to exemplary levels." The central aspect leading to the success of the design is the creativity in the process --- improving on the present performance format by communicating honest and appropriate feedbacks to the followers (p.11).

The problems facing leaders in their quest for global leadership is as follows:
• Dealing with cultural differences
• Managing diverse workforce
• Strategizing global plans
• Working with virtual teams

Solution to the problems
• Learning the cultural behaviors including languages
• Developing the frame of mind to manage a diverse workforce
• Understanding the ...

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Organizations must use functional leadership strategies and development plans to guarantee global success are examined.