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    Ethical Leadership and Authentic Leadership

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    Ethical leadership has been a concept that has been around for a while now. While morality and ethics are just as important as in authentic leadership, is authentic leadership synonymous with ethical or moral leadership?

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    First, it is important to understand that Authentic Leadership is shaped by an ethical value system (Anon., 2012). Authentic Leadership puts a lot of emphasis on becoming aware of oneself in order to lead others in a more compassionate and empowering way (O'Brien, 2011). Ethical Leadership is a system of internal values that are developed to produce external behaviors (Grace, 2012). An ethical leader attempts to take the ideas that they have developed over time and guide others in a suitable direction. ...

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    This is a 265 word solution with five references. It outlines Ethical leadership and Authentic Leadership qualities. The solution compares and contrasts ethical and authentic leadership styles and gives insight into their similarities.