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    Leadership summary

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    Summarize each topic in about 200 words

    - Leadership and 21st-century business world
    - Contingency theories
    - Employee Engagement
    - Team Leadership
    - Authentic Leadership
    - Art and Leadership

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    - Leadership and 21th-century business world

    Leadership in the 21st century is predicated upon ensuring that organizations engage corporate social responsibility. Therefore, leaders must possess the ability to lead in an ethical manner that accounts for all actions the company engages in to ensure that the organization is dedicated to protecting the environment, engaging business practices that treat all employees humanely, and builds the community. The leadership has to be capable of transforming the organization into a socially conscious organization that seeks to uphold a moral and ethical business culture that is dedicated to socially responsible behavior that protects all stakeholders' interests.

    - Contingency theories

    Contingency theories advocate that leaders' should not adhere to just one organizational leadership theory but should instead incorporate each leadership style into their behavior to ensure that they can effectively respond to situations that dictate the use of particular styles of leadership. Therefore, when a new "start-up" business is beginning its ...

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    Leadership summary authentic leadership. The expert examines leadership and the 21st-century business world. Contingency theories are analyzed.