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    Hi, I want make good comment for this topic.Thanks

    1- Please Make comment and agree or No with (Joe ) about his Executive Summary, the comments not lower than 5 lines.

    2- Please Make 1 or 2 questions on this topic after end the comment . I give you Examples of comments in the end my question. (Look The Examples).
    Executive Summary

    The purpose of this report is to compare the leadership styles of three influential leaders who have changed the face of our everyday lives. Our first influential leader Steve Jobs was an executive and an innovator of Apple Corporation. Steve's business philosophy emphasizes on the importance of working together as a team work his employees and colleagues. Even though Steve had the final say in the decision process of the product design, he knew collaborating with the right people would be a great asset to the company. Steve's vision was "That's how I see business". "Great things in business are never done by one person; they are done by an excellent team of people." Steve Jobs worked hard at being the best leader for the team and the future of the company. Steve's work mantra and ethic, innovation is what distinguishes a leader and a follower. Steve said "Be a yardstick of quality," there are some consumers that are not use to an environment where excellent is expected. Steve's high quality expectations produced a huge success among consumers and businesses. (Hom, 2013)

    Our second influential leader Mark Zuckerberg is an innovative leader who took the world by storm when Facebook was introduced to the world. Mark's leadership approach is aggressive and encouraging. Mark demands constant growth and innovation; he educates other CO's to take control in leading the company into the future. Facebook's organizational structure is narrowed by span of control, where fewer subordinates are accountable to a manager. The company's organizational structure has fewer levels where every manager has a narrow span of control. Removing these levels helps reduce costs, improve speed of communication and lead to flexible working practices. Facebook is a leader in creating and implementing different types of corporate cultures such as aggressive, play and process culture. The culture at Facebook focuses on less hierarchy, but more emphasis is put on collaboration and creativity. The organizational culture of Facebook is considered relaxed, open and attracts the best talent by creating an atmosphere that is fun and allows the team members and subordinates the opportunity to work on projects with a sense of openness. (Tan, 2013)

    Our Third and final leader Jeff Bezos is an analytical and intelligent leader who built his empire with his management style. Jeff Bezos nickname "The Empty Chair" leaves an empty seat that he considers that seat is occupied by their consumer, the important person in the room. Amazon monitors its performances through 500 measurable goals. Around 80% are consumer related objectives. Jeff is a stickler about what consumers don't want. Consumers do not like delays, defects and out of stock items, the metric patrol at Amazon monitors these numbers showing that 0.1 second delay can turn into a 1% reduction in consumer activity. Jeff Bazos data driven consumer focus allows Amazon to take risk to innovate, secure in beliefs that the right choices have been made for the company. (Anders, 2012)

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    (Example of comment 1):
    Hi Joe, I enjoyed reading your summary, it was very well thought out and interesting. I am also doing my research on Mark Zuckerberg and I was interested in seeing what you came up with in his management style. I am still trying to complete more research on him so I have a good understanding of his leadership style but I wanted to tell you I enjoyed reading yours!
    Great Post! Thanks, Marya
    (Example of comment 2):
    Hello Joe, Everything looks marvelous. Your purpose to compare leadership style is where you will discover that to each individual possess a special style and will adjust their style to the individual as needed because great leaders do just that. Your choice to write about is very interesting and I see your knowledge exudes that.


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