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    Leaders in Diverse Groups

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    Hi, I want make good comment on his topic. I mean ( Adam) and Make questions.

    1- Please the comments not lower than 5 lines And Make questions after the comments.

    2- I give you Examples of comments in the end topic . (Look The Examples).

    The three leaders I chose to write about are a diverse group of successful individuals who have all made a impact on society in their own right. I chose to them carefully becuase of their diverse backgrounds and personalities. Leadership begins with a set of ethical values instilled within based on ones environment. Gen Colon Powell has been a military leader for half of his life which means a more structured environment where a directive style is utilized most often. Warren Buffet has become successful by taking a more handsoff approach style of leadership. Michelle Obama is a very charismatic leader with the ability to energize people with her enthusiasm. Three diverse individuals with three diverse leadership styles to contrast and compare.

    (Examples of comments) :
    Hi Adam,
    I am excited to learn more of leadership characteristics, and the ability to lead and influence change oriented people in the preparation to the future. I am intrigued of your leaders you have chosen, especially Michelle Obama's charismatic leadership style, similarity of her husband Barak for a compatible relationship in their marriage.

    Directive leadership accompany such leadership style that instructs the subordinates direct to what they are expected to do, and the expected tasks performed. This leadership can be helpful for managers, where their employees may have tasks that wouldn't be specialized, and will need to be guided to get pass the uncertainties. Charismatic leadership seem more easy in developing first hand at the start of relationships with subordinates, and a more chance of influencing followers for trust as a democratic style.

    what leadership style do you believe would be more effective for trust, and the development of change-oriented opportunities in a work environment of diverse personnels?


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    I like how the summary highlights the diversity of leadership as these three leaders come from very diverse backgrounds with different characteristics who all are able to lead others because of their dedication to their laurels and convictions. As the summary indicates, personality is the biggest ...

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