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    Considering the Value of Diversity in the Workplace

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    1. What is the value of diversity in the workplace? Describe the aspects of the business that are positively influenced as a direct result of a diverse workforce.

    2. According to the systematic approach to managing diversity, recruitment and retention are a critical component of diversity management. Summarize the issues involved in recruiting and retaining a culturally diverse workforce. Regarding diverse employees and diverse markets, Caas and Sondak argue that better-performing companies may simply attract the best talent among all groups of workers. Explain the meaning, and discuss whether you agree or disagree.

    3. Chapter 1 of Opportunities and Challenges of Workplace Diversity describes the leadership-based organizational paradigms for managing diversity. Give a brief description of each of the four paradigms, and identify which paradigm(s) you saw in at a workplace.

    With references.

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    Question 1

    According to Suzanne Mills (2011), "[creating] workplaces that valued difference, an aim of diversity management, would require changing the shared beliefs of employees." (p. 50). This change requires considerable resources and organizational energy, yet the benefits exceed costs many times over.

    Perhaps the value of diversity in the workplace is best encapsulated by Bielema's statement. She stated that diversity is seen as "resolution to problematic workplace relations and as a strategy to become more diversified in terms of customers and geography" (2010, p. 565). In this regard, we ...

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