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    Importance of Diversity Skills

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    Why are diversity skills important?

    What are some ways diversity skills contribute to individual and interpersonal enrichment?

    How many cultural influences lead to misunderstandings in communication of either verbal or nonverbal messages?

    What are some similarities across cultures that you have noticed?

    What are some differences between cultures or groups that you have noticed, and how might these differences affect teamwork or productivity in the workplace?

    What purpose is served in defining factors or dimensions of diversity, and how is this information of value to managers?

    What are some ways diversity skills contribute positively to organizations and organizational goals?

    What have you experienced regarding "affirmative action," and in your observations how have those experiences been similar or dissimilar to considerations of promoting "cultural diversity" in the workplace?

    Which factors or dimensions are of greatest importance in managing a diverse workplace, and which, in your experience, are of lesser importance?

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    Solution Summary

    By addressing the questions, this solution provides an indepth look at the importance of diversity skills in all aspects of personal and professional life e.g. how it contributes to individual and interpersonal enrichment, productivity in groups and teams in the workplace, etc. and the relationship between diversity and aspects of culture e.g., communication styles, differences between cultures, and so on. It also discusses how dimensions of diversity provide value to the manager, the organizational mission and goals, as well as affirmative action policies. Supplemented with a highly informative article exploring the relationship between diversity and leadership.