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Diversity Skills and Culture

I am not sure how to answer the questions below. Please help me.

What are diversity skills and why are they important. Please give specific examples to help explain how diversity skills contribute to individual and interpersonal enrichment.

Please explain what is culture? What are some similarities and difference across cultures or groups that you have noticed, and how might these differences affect teamwork or productivity in the workplace?

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1) Having diversity skills basically means having the skills and knowledge that it takes to understand, communicate with, and perhaps, service effectively other individuals who may have values that are different from our own. Some individuals are naturally diversity competent, as expressed in their attitudes and behaviors towards those of a background different than their own. However, other individuals who may be more subjective and may hold certain biases that prevent them from relating to others more positively. Therefore diversity skills enable one to see the world from another's point of view. In order to do this, one must stand back and remove any preconceived ideas about another so as to develop and objective point of view of that other person. Diversity skills contribute to individual and interpersonal enrichment by increasing one's knowledge about people from different backgrounds, thereby enabling us to relate to others (co-workers and clients alike) in a more positive light, as well as the below:

a) Helping one ...

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