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    Diversity and Equality in the Workplace for Women

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    Read the article, "The On-the-Ground Reality of Women Leaders." http://www.forbes.com/sites/hbsworkingknowledge/2013/04/17/the-on-the-ground-reality-of-women-leaders/
    Based on the content of this article and your personal experiences answer the following questions:

    -what do believe are the major challenges facing diversity of culture and gender in the workplace today?
    -When considering the proper skills needed for effective negotiation, what are the major advantages to utilizing diversity in positions of leadership?
    -What do you believe can reduce workplace discrimination, thus promoting the value of diversity and equality?

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    I have included some thoughts and an example you can use for the assignment. My experience is as a female, so my perspective is much the same as the information in the article. I am actually in a profession where women are more abundant, but I have lost a job because it was decided that night classes needed a male in the leadership role in case of problems or violence.

    what do believe are the major challenges facing diversity of culture and gender in the workplace today?
    The fact that women are still not valued as professionals is one challenge. The woman can have the education, skills, and talents of a male coworker and yet be ignored, second guessed, or required to provide more support than the man more often.
    Women are also seen more objectively in terms of looks. Size, color, hair type, age are all considered too often when women are involved. For example, I was part of the final choices for a job. There were three women and one man in the final group. One woman was seen as too young to be effective. I heard the terms cute, pretty, vivacious, and smart in reference to her. She had an MBA and worked in her father's international import/export business since she was ...

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