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    Culture, leadership and gender in the workplace

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    Can you help me original only please with about 600-750 words and three references.
    Culture, gender, and leadership are closely related. In most cultures, even Western cultures, leadership is associated with males. This is even more the case in many Arab/Muslim countries where women play a limited role in public and business life .

    Address the following questions in depth:
    1. To what extent have you seen evidence of this and what would you suggest organizations do to support women in the workplace and specifically in leadership roles?
    2. Research leadership diversity in the library and identify two corporate programs that have effectively facilitated the advancement and the promotion of minority candidates.

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    Despite growth and development in business world, women still face challenges in attaining top positions at workplace. It is therefore, really important for organizations to encourage and support the potential of women so that they can prove themselves to be great leaders. In that context, it is significant for us to have good understanding of women's status in the contemporary business environment with the help of evidences. In this line, we will provide few measures that organizations can attempt to take to improve the scenario.

    Evidences have reflected that women can prosper in leadership roles at workplace. But still, women face obstacles; it is still believed at many work places that women are less capable than their male colleagues. The personality distinctiveness of leadership is masculine and is often considered unsuitable for women employees. Cultural stereotypes suggest that women do not have the potential needed for leadership roles (Gregory, 2003).

    It can also be seen that top management teams often largely comprise men employees, along with a few female managers at top positions. The female leaders often face challenges like work/life balance, parenting, multi-tasking, gender discrimination, sexual harassment and male dominating environment. Female employees still earn only 73% of what men earn for the same work. For example, at Walmart, female ...

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    Hi! The response addresses the queries posted in 834 words with references.