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Organizational Leadership Strategies

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Please assist with the following topic. Please answer each question with three to four well-developed paragraphs answer (based on reference reading book Modaff, D.P. , Butler, J. A., & DeWine, S. (2008). Organizational Communication: Foundations, Challenges, and Misunderstandings, 3d ed.) :
1. What is the relationship between gender roles and emotional labor in the workplace? Please provide solid examples to support your response.
2. Based upon your reading about leadership roles, how would you characterize the three major strategies for effective leadership of an organization? Explain your choices.

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There is a tremendously interconnected relationship between gender roles and emotional labor in the workplace, due to the fact that certain genders are expected to take certain roles within the workplace, such as the male generally taking the leadership or managerial role in most organizations within the United States, Japan, and other male-dominated societies. The gender role that these individuals take within a given organization, requires that their ...

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