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    Vision, Mission, and Strategy

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    What is the role of leadership as it relates to vision, mission, and strategy in an organization? Give specific examples.

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    Running Head: LEADERSHIP

    Role of Leadership

    Role of Leadership
    Leadership style and approach plays an important role in organizational growth and success. Leadership style provides effective working environment and motivation at the workplace. To accomplish the functions and objectives of the firm, leader has an important place in the organizations (DuBrin, 2009). On the basis of following, role of leadership in context of growth, success, etc. can be understood:
    Mission and vision: To attain mission and vision of the firm, leadership style that is followed at the workplace, plays a crucial role. In this, Leaders contribute effectively to maintain motivation level and effective working environment to increase productivity and profitability. Additionally, positive link ...

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    The role of leadership as it relates to vision, mission, and strategy in an organization is determined. Specific examples are provided.