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The Workplace Difficulties of Women

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Develop a presentation or information paper to other managers regarding the experience of women in the workplace. The document may be in memo, PowerPoint or paper form. There is no word count requirement. Just requesting an outline for this document

Include the following:
The complexities of women's experiences in the workplace
How women's workplace experiences differ from men's
Why women often choose to leave their careers and how they face a variety of obstacles when attempting to re-enter the workplace
How women can keep their ambition to work alive and how some companies help by developing networks
The concept of gender discrimination and how to prevent it.

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This solution addresses some of the difficulties faced by women in the workplace.

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Women's experiences in the workplace are often more complex than those of men, due to the fact that women may often receive less respect at the workplace than men. This is largely due to the fact that women must function in a male-dominated society, which has strong ramifications in corporate America, especially in leadership and management roles. Due to these factors, a woman's workplace experience usually differs from men's, due to the fact that women are often under more pressure ...

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