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How Culture Affects Decision Making and Problem Solving

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The case study questions:
How does culture influence decision making and problem solving?
How would participation in a culturally diverse team affect decision-making and problem-solving activities?

In some cultures, men are considered dominant and the only "voice" in decisions. If a team had members from different cultures, there may be issues in being open to ideas from the women. Diversity can also bring advantages, such as hearing different perspectives on solving problems.

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Culture impacts the decision making process and perspectives on problem solving via social and workplace norms. In some cultures, men are viewed as dominant and the ones to make decisions. This viewpoint often carries into the workplace as well; where women likely have no supervisory or managerial roles and would be excluded from any discussions on addressing a problem. In other ...

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Social and workplace "norms" vary amongst cultures. These differences can create difficulties in making decisions and/or problem solving within a team that has different perspectives. This solution is over 200 words and thoroughly discusses how cultural backgrounds affect teams.

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