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? Prepare a paper formatted according to APA guidelines. The paper must be organized according to the following categories:

o Part 1: Individual Strengths and the Group Process
 Describe a group setting or scenario in which you have worked or of which you are currently a part.
 What are the strengths and skills that you have brought to this group setting? How have they benefited the group?
 Are there any drawbacks your strengths and skills have brought to the group? Describe how they have affected the group.
 How have other group members' strengths and skills affected the group process?
 What are some skills you could improve on to foster a more effective group environment? How can you improve these skills?

o Part 2: Problem Solving Techniques and Group Decision Making
? What problem solving techniques do you know or use regularly?
? How do your techniques influence group decisions?
? What other problem solving techniques could you use when making group decisions?
? What can you do to develop or improve your problem solving techniques?

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//While writing this paper, we will go through our personal experience of being a part of a group and the different individual strengths, which were utilized while being a part of that group. In this paper, we will also discuss the skills and drawbacks of our strengths that have helped the group in solving the problem.//

Everyone in this world, whether it is a living or nonliving is a part of a group in one or the other way. Group is a collection of different entities that have common goals to achieve and these entities are together considered as a unit. There are many aspects of an individual that are important for a group task to be successful. It can be attitude, behavior, perception, culture or values and ethics of an individual that are analyzed while going through a group task. The success of a group in their task is dependent on the overall performance of the group and one mistake of a unit or a group can ruin the efforts of the whole group.

Moving precisely to the topic of the paper, there are many groups of which I am an active member and all these groups have helped in imbibing various qualities of a team member inside me. The group, which I have chosen in this paper, is the marketing club of my institute from where I am pursuing my MBA. This is a group which undertakes the complete responsibility of organizing different activities for the marketing students in the institute. The group is entitled to help the students in the development of their marketing skills and knowledge through these activities. This group is headed by the director of the institute under whom working is the head of the marketing department. Below HOD, there are all professors and assistant professors of the marketing department to guide the team of students, who work under them. This team of students carries out all the activities of the group of which I am a part.

Each and every member of the team is allotted with different responsibility, which he or she has to look after. I am allocated with the role of representative of the marketing club from student side whose role is to ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1413 words with references.