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    Watercooler Business Process Management

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    For the Watercooler activity, search recent issues of online journals and trade publications in the Walden Library and select one article that highlights a trend or issue related to Business Process Management (BPM). Look for full-text articles in the Business Source Premier and/or Computers and Applied Sciences Complete databases.

    Prepare a short synopsis of the article, the BPM issue or trend it discusses, and its APA citation.

    Part 1: Synopsis of the article
    Part 2: Analysis of article based on the course topic


    Chapter 1, How can we demystify business process management
    Chapter 2, What is business process management
    Chapter 3, Why is it important to improve business processes before automating them
    Chapter 4, When should you do BPM; what are the main drivers and triggers
    Chapter 5, Who should be involved in BPM
    Chapter 6, Why are organizational strategy and process architecture important in BPM implementation
    Chapter 7, How do you sell BPM technology to the organization
    Chapter 8, What are the critical success factors in a BPM project
    Chapter 9, What are the critical implementation aspects for a BPM solution
    Chapter 10, Why do you need a structured approach to implementing BPM


    Use the following guidelines to complete your Watercooler assignment. Copy and paste these headings into a Word document. (See the exemplar following the guidelines.)



    APA citation of the source:

    A synopsis of the articleAn analysis of the article and how it relates to the course topic of Business Process Management

    Recommended keywords include:

    Benefit management
    Business Process Management (BPM)
    capacity planning
    critical success factor
    detailed process model
    end-to-end process model
    operational excellence
    performance measurement
    process improvement
    quality management
    SWOT analysis
    sustainable performance

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    Hann.P, (2010), "How Business Process Management is Used by Organizations", Retrieved on September 16, 2010 from: http://www.helium.com/items/1953131-business-process-management-system

    The article is mentioned above and the Synopsis is:

    According to the article business process management means having a different attitude to business processes. Business Process management enables the user to build processes that fulfill the requirements of the user. Business Process management helps the operating departments to focus on the real objectives of the organization. The business process is recorded as a series of tasks, executed by persons and computer software that lead to the realization of the organizational goals. The present software being used by the organization is integrated with business process management software. The organization may even have a functioning enterprise resource planning system in place and may not want to go in for additional application. The need for business process management is necessary because the firm may still be planning and forecasting in terms of department and functions rather than in term of business processes. To remove this compartmental thinking and low levels of communications between departments, it is necessary to change over to business process management. Its ...

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