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Business Processes and Technology: Knowledge Management

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It has been said that knowledge management is a business process and not a technology. Articulate and defend your opinion of this statement.

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Knowledge management is definitely a business process due to the varied components that actually make up knowledge management, and how management then must use those components as a whole to drive the organization forward. When we consider the main components in knowledge management, ...

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This solution discusses how knowledge management is a business process and not a technology. A thorough discussion of knowledge management as a business process is provided.

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Read the case study very carefully. Your task will be to answer all the questions in detail. Please be descriptive in your answers. All the same, try to make them to-the-point and succinct.

1.What are the business goals of SFPUC? How is knowledge management related to those goals?

2.What were some of the challenges faced by SFPUC? What management, organization, and technology factors were responsible for those challenges?

3.Describe how implementing EPC improved knowledge management and operational effectiveness at SFPUC.

4.How effective was EPC as a solution for SFPUC?

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