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1. Case Exercise: Amazon
You can visit:


And use any other source you may find helpful to answer the following questions:

i. Identify key issues regarding KM for Amazon.com in terms of people, technology and processes.
ii. Do you think knowledge capture (intelligence gathering) can provide Amazon.com with a sustained competitive advantage?

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The response addresses the queries posted in 617 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 617 words with references.

// Amazon.com, the renowned online store helps people to buy the products online and make the approach easy to avail the products at a very short notice. We will begin the paper with a brief introduction of the company, and then proceed with enclosing the issues relating to KM that influence the people, technology and processes. //

Amazon.com is a famed brand in the field of online shopping; it started in the year 1995. The Company carried out its business with dedication and devotion and attained the position as a global brand with the accounts activated for 76 million customers and fulfills orders for more than 200 countries. The strong points of this company are loyal attitude of the customers and large number of purchases made by them (Amazon.com Case Study, 2009).

Knowledge management is the concept in the study of management discipline and prepares such strategies that help keep up ...

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