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Infrastructure Components in E-Commerce

What are some of the infrastructure components that make up E-commerce? Who might be the vendors who distribute or develop E-commerce infrastructure?

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What are some of the infrastructure components that make up e-commerce?

Electronic commerce essentially means the undertaking of normal commercial, government and personal activities by means of computers and telecommunications networks and includes a wide variety of activities involving the exchange of information, data or value-based exchanges between two or more parties. Some of the infrastructure components of e-commerce include telecommunications/network technologies (wireless/wire transmission), multimedia applications, web page development, browser, data mining, security, EDI, database management, web server maintenance, internet service provider, human computer interface, smart card devices etc.

The following shows the basic components involved in E-commerce infrastructure:

1. Hardware
Web server hardware is one of the major components of the E-commerce infrastructure. While selecting Web server hardware, the software that will run on the ...

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The infrastructure components that make up e-commerce are examined. Who might the vendors distribute or develop e-commerce infrastructure is examined.