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    eBusiness IT Infrastructure

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    Can you tell me why is scalability important in building an eBusiness IT infrastructure? Any examples?

    Discuss strategic opportunities for eCommerce enabled supply chains? Do you have any examples?

    Can you tell me how can Internet-based technologies be used to automate the supply chain? Any examples?

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    1. Can you tell me why is scalability important in building an e-Business IT infrastructure? Any examples?

    Scalability is the ability to scale to support larger or smaller volumes of data and more or less users. Thus, it is an essential part of the IT infrastructure to allow as much control as possible. It is the ability to increase or decrease size or capability in cost-effective increments with minimal impact on the unit cost of business and the procurement of additional services.

    It is also important for high performance and flexibility, e.g., system can increase number of users without impacted performance. For example,

    • The ability and flexibility of an application to meet growth requirements of an organization
    • The ability to expand a computing solution to support large numbers of users without impacting performance.

    For example, the demise of dot com mania has made everyone keenly aware that deploying e-commerce technology doesn't create business out of thin air, it merely provides a platform for conducting business more efficiently. It is clear e-commerce has fundamentally changed the speed at which business is conducted - and established a near zero tolerance for poorly performing e-commerce applications. To effectively compete, companies must be able to interact with an ever-changing set of suppliers, customers, and colleagues - and do it well. This demands an infrastructure that that offers an "enterprise-class" level of performance, including high levels of availability and scalability. Increasingly, this infrastructure is centered around dynamic and data-driven web based applications (http://www.quest-pipelines.com/pipelines/db2/archives/Scalable_ebusiness.pdf)

    For example, in one study (attached) to demonstrate the predictable scalability that is required to support the dynamic conditions prevalent in e-business, the team chose to implement the Trade2 application from the WebSphere Performance Benchmark Sample. By simulating an online brokerage firm, Trade2 ...

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