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Ramada Demonstrates its Personal Best

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Based on the Case, "Ramada Demonstrates its Personal Best", in Chapter 4, write a response in which you define business research, and demonstrate why this case represents an example of business research (i.e., which characteristics of good research are included in the case). Identify the business research question that was asked, or should have been asked. Outline the business research process utilized in the case.

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The solution provides a response to define the business research and demonstrate why the case "Ramada Demonstrates its Personal Best: is an example of business research.

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Business Research Process - Case Study

Business Research Process
A process of business research can be defined as a systematic procedure to collect information and data to guide the management to make decisions. In a broad sense, it is a process to indentify the problem, acquiring information, selecting sample, arranging data and finding various alternative solutions (Coldwell, Herbst, Coldwell & Herbst, 2004).
About Case
Ramada is a franchisee system related to hospitality industry. According to this case study, mid tier hotel and Ramada all has reached at the stage of stagnant in delivering customer services. According to Tim Pigsley, director of operation management in Ramada Franchisee System, industry is facing this problem before time. It is essential for Ramada Franchisee System to identify the various alternative solutions to resolve the problem. Due to this, RFS takes help of some leading companies in customer services, such as Disney, Southwest Airlines, and Carlson Hospitality, etc. (From Case Study).
Analysis of Case Study
The management of RFS knows that the main issue behind this problem is related to selection process of appropriate employees and their motivation to work with zeal and enthusiasm (Cooper & Schindler, 2003). In this concern, the management of RFS wants to add the face to face hiring process of employees. In order to analyze this problem, it is essential for the management to use the research question hierarchy, so that the management can evaluate their dilemma and management questions. This dilemma is helpful to identify the problem of the research study. Identification of ...

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