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    NYC DOE Learning Summary: concepts, value added, personal & professional impact

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    Motivation Theories
    Motivation, Job Design, and Performance
    How Groups Work
    Team Work and Team Performance
    Organizational Design for Stretegic Competency

    Answer the following questions:

    1) What are the most important concepts you have learned?
    2) What would you recommend to your management (NYC Dept. of Education) based on these concepts?
    3) How will these concepts impact you personally and professionally?
    4) What is the value added from these concepts, or what difference can theses concepts make to your organization (NYC Dept. of Education)?
    5) Provide any additional relevant personal notes and observations.

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    Today's educational environment is a highly competitive environment that challenges managers to maintain relevancy within their respective districts. This challenge is magnified due to the fact that managers must ensure their organization is functioning at its optimum level, while simultaneously preparing the organization to be competitive in the future. Clearly this is a daunting task. How do managers effectively lead their organization ensuring that it is conducting its day to day mission, while preparing it to maintain its competitiveness in the future? This paper will discuss what I consider to be the important aspects of leading an organization while fostering an environment that allows and encourages innovation for the future.

    Organizations must be operating on all cylinders to maintain pace with the competitive environment of ...

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    This solution discusses concepts, value added, personal and professional impact regarding an organization.