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    Personality, perception & other decision making influences

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    1-Personality and Individual Differences-Importance of personality, values, and attitudes, along with individual differences and further treatment of diversity in today's increasingly diverse work settings.
    2-Perception and attribution
    3-Decision Making

    Answer the following questions from a student's perspective:

    1-What are the most important concepts you have learned from these topics?
    2-What would you recommend to your management (at the Dept. of Education) based on these concepts?
    3-How will these concepts impact you personally and professionally?
    4-What is the value added from these concepts, or what difference can these concepts make to your organization (Dept. of Education)?
    5-Provide any additional relevant personal notes and observations.

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    1-What are the most important concepts you have learned from these topics?
    The most important thing one learns from these topics is the fact that not everyone is the same and it is in that difference that we find interest, new ideas, and new ways of doing things. The value we put on individual traits is more about what we are than about what we think they are. It is our perception of people and events that colors our lives and creates the environment in which we make decisions. We can ...

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    A discussion on the role of personality, perception, attribution on decision making.