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    Five or more values used in business decision making

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    I am looking for five or more values that one would use in Business Decision Making. Personal Gain would be an example.

    Also, How would you think about priortizing your values?

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    Dear Student,

    Basically it is very difficult to list out the top five values used in business decision making. It depends on the situation and varies from one to another. However, the following are generally considered as the top values of business decision making.

    a. Personal Gain or self growth.
    b. Perception
    c. Religion/Spirituality of the person
    d. Integrity, loyalty of the person.
    e. Family status of the person

    Personal gain is the top most priority which the decision maker considers before making a business decision.

    Second, is the perception of the person. While evaluating the alternatives, we ...

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